Designing Great Products with Agile Teams


  • Get a tactical understanding of Lean UX—and how it changes the way teams work together
  • Frame a vision of the problem you’re solving and focus your team on the right outcomes
  • Make your team more productive: combine Lean UX with Agile’s scrum framework
  • Understand the organizational shifts necessary to integrate Lean UX
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  • “There is a revolution afoot. It is the move away from big design up front and isolated specialized teams throwing documents over the wall to each other. Applying the principles of lean startups, Josh & Jeff lay out the principles of Lean UX which can literally transform the way you bring experiences to life. I have first hand experience applying their wisdom and am excited about taking agile to the next level. Get this book. But most importantly put this book into practice.”

    Bill Scott

    Sr. Director, User Interface Engineering, PayPal, Inc.

  • “Jeff & Josh’s passion for getting UX (and really all of product development) right comes across powerfully in this detailed, yet eminently readable book. The case studies, examples, and research serve to highlight the power of building a lean UX process, and there’s a great deal of actionable advice taken from these. I’m ordering a copy for everyone on our design, UX, and product teams at Moz.”

    Rand Fishkin

    CEO & cofounder, Moz

  • “Customer Development and Lean Startup changed the way business are built because even the smartest teams can’t predict market and user behaviour. This book brings both methodologies to UX so you can build cheaper, faster, and—most importantly—better experiences.”

    Alex Osterwalder

    Author and Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Business Model Foundry GmbH

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  • Jeff Gothelf

    Jeff Gothelf is a designer & Agile practitioner. He is a leading voice on the topics of Agile UX & Lean UX and a highly sought-after international speaker. In addition, Jeff has led teams at TheLadders, Publicis Modem, WebTrends, Fidelity, & AOL.


  • Josh Seiden

    Josh has been creating great technology products for more than 20 years. A UX design leader, Josh has worked in hardware and software, consumer and enterprise, mobile, web, and desktop. He was head of product design at Wall Street innovator Liquidnet, and lead pioneering interaction design teams at Cooper.



  • Two days of workshops and talks detailing case studies and best practices implementing lean startup and lean UX in the enterprise. Get more info here.

  • Neo is a global product innovation company with a client base that ranges across large enterprises, startups, and governments. Feel free to contact us for workshops, conferences, and meetups.

  • The Lean Series, curated by Eric Ries, is a collection of books written by the best people in the field, on topics that matter. The authors dive down into Lean Startup implementation-level details, providing readers with information they can immediately put to use. Get more info here.

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